What is the Jazz Choir?

The Davis Senior High School Jazz Choir is a spirited and fun-loving group of high school students that come together through a love for music and dance to participate in a class that extends beyond the formal classroom. Performers are willing to go the extra mile, work, learn, and play inside and outside of class. More formally, they are an auditioned choir.

The group performs as an accompanied and a cappella vocal ensemble(as a full choir and in smaller ensembles of 8-10)and as a choreographed show choir. Students in the choir sometimes refer to themselves as “Jazz Diamonds” and use a visual of a diamond with 4 facets of performing arts – singing, dancing, musicianship and acting – that are incorporated into their rehearsals and performances.

Jazz Choir performs under the direction of Ms. Natascha Bach (music) and Mr. Jeff Teague (choreography) and alongside the other two choirs at Davis Senior High School – the DHS Madrigals and Concert Choir. The choir also has opportunities to travel and perform in concerts and festivals elsewhere in California and the U.S.

Though it maintains its historical name of “Jazz Choir” and jazz music remains an important element of their repertoire, the group’s focus has broadened since its earliest days and now incorporates a variety of musical styles, with songs spanning the decades from the 1920s through today. Jazz Choir’s emphasis is on ensemble singing with four-part harmonies, but solo elements are also incorporated.

Community service is an important mission of the choir and choir members perform at public events. In addition, the choir can be hired to perform at private events, either as a full choir or in smaller ensembles. Jazz Choir would love to perform for you! Please invite us!

Official Answer: (quoted from online DHS course catalog)

One year: 10 credits

Prerequisites:  By audition-only in spring for the following year.

On UC/CSU Approved Course List: f

The Jazz Choir consists of students from Davis High School. Auditions are based on vocal and dancing abilities. Students are expected to sight-read music and follow basic choreography taught to them by the choreographer. Musical styles from the 1920’s through today are performed throughout the year. Jazz Choir students are expected to rehearse and perform with the other choral groups in the school. Opportunities to perform as soloists are frequent. Jazz Choir students participate as soloists throughout the state. Highlights of the year include participation in numerous festivals and concerts throughout the United States. In addition, students are expected to rehearse and perform as a large mixed chorus with the Concert Choir and Madrigals for festivals and concerts.