Audition for the 2022-23 Jazz Choir!

Welcome!  We are so glad you are interested in applying to the Davis High School Jazz Choir – a choir experience like none other. Your Jazz Choir journey will be filled with wonderful singing, meeting new friends, and learning high quality choreography. The DHS Jazz Choir, directed by Dr. Gardias, will create an opportunity for you to fine tune your vocal abilities while also adding to your dance experience led by Jeff Teague’s challenging choreography. Each person brings a unique quality that when blended together makes for an amazing Jazz Choir! Have fun, remember to breathe, and enjoy the process.

Audition for Jazz Choir are held in combination with the Madrigals and the Advanced Treble Choir

This document explains the audition process. Please read it carefully.

To Audition for Jazz Choir:

  • By March 3: Sign Up For In Person Audition:

    • Live Auditions will be held March 7-9, 2022: ​

    • Book your audition spot here.

    • If you are auditioning for more than one DHS choir, you only need  to book one live audition spot.

  • By March 3: Submit Your Recorded Solo:

    • The video of your solo must be submitted here no later than March 3th, 2022 by 7:00pm.​

    • Watch choir members share information on recording Your Solos.

    • Want a written instruction instead? Find it here.

Additional Information about the Jazz Choir and the audition process:

    • Students can learn more at the Jazz Choir Ice Cream Social on February 17 from 3:30-4:30.
    • Parent information meeting March 2, 4PM in Room P11.

The Davis High School Jazz Choir, an auditioned choir, performs about fifteen times per year with an annual educational “Spring Tour.”  Students perform in Choir costumes, formal dresses for the girls and tuxedos for the boys. In the winter, students present the annual Cabaret Dinner Show, our largest fundraiser and an opportunity for students to showcase the talents they have developed. The Jazz Choir requires a full commitment on the part of its members, with volunteer support from parents/guardians of choir members.  Choir success is directly related to the level of student and parent participation and the financial support of each Choir family.

Please note these critical factors before auditioning:  

  • Students are expected to participate fully in the classroom, in mandatory weekly sectional rehearsals outside of class time, in community outreach opportunities, and in all performances. The director may choose to lower a student’s grade as a result of unexcused absences.
  • Parents are expected to attend a monthly meeting to discuss matters of importance to the choir. Parents are expected to spend time assisting with Choir events and fundraising activities.

In order to raise the necessary funds for Choir performance attire and for the scheduled annual Spring Tour, Jazz Choir families are asked to make a yearly fairshare donation.  The suggested fairshare donation for the 2021-2022 school year was $1200 per family. Every student who auditions will be considered, even if parent(s) are unable to provide a monetary contribution.  Parent participation is estimated to be approximately 5 hours per month during the school year.  

What are Jazz Choir Auditions Like?

Jazz Choir auditions involve both a Vocal and a Dance Audition.

Vocal Audition  — comprised of pitch matching, range test, sight singing, and solo performance. The student may select any song that best demonstrates his/her singing ability. Students are expected to sing an entire solo.  Students may use an accompanist or back up track.  Up to 100 points will be assigned based upon demonstration of singing skill (tone/intonation/musicality), musicianship, and stage presence.

Dance Audition — done en masse with all other candidates for Jazz Choir. All are taught a dance by our choreographer and given time, with the help of senior members of the current Jazz Choir, to practice their steps in smaller groups. All are reconvened and audition in groups of 4 students for our panel of judges. Each group gets 2 opportunities to perform their dance audition. Points are assigned on a 5 point scale (5 being best) according to each candidates demonstrated ability to learn quickly and move with coordination.

Students may be called back for an additional vocal and dance audition.

Vocal and Dance scores are multiplied to reach a final score. Membership in Jazz Choir is determined by each student’s choice of choir and rank in scores.