Please Support the Jazz Choir!

We depend on YOUR support.

The Davis Jazz Choir is an all-inclusive group of high school singers and dancers. Each year we perform regionally and raise money for educational trips where students broaden their exposure to world-class performing arts.

Any amount that you donate to the Jazz Choir will help to ensure that ALL jazz choir students can participate in ALL events. As a guide, here are some of our typical expenses.

  • $10: Pitch Pipe for Section Leaders
  • $25: Dance Shoes for 1 Student
  • $50: 1 Set of Sheet Music for All Students
  • $100: Complete Costume Set for 1 Student
  • $150: New Microphone
  • $250: Accompanist Fee for 1 Performance
  • $500: Registration Fee for full Choir to Festival or Workshop
  • $1000: Trip Costs to Los Angeles for 1 Student
  • $1500: Complete Investment for 1 Student for 1 Year

Please help us keep the arts alive!

We welcome your donation via PayPal or Venmo.